Police: Oregon man arrested after flying 200 pounds of pot into Monmouth, IL airport

MONMOUTH, Illinois -- On Tuesday, December 12, the Illinois State Police, along with Monmouth PD, Warren County Sheriff's Office, and West Central Illinois Task Force, responded to reports of suspicious activity at the Monmouth Municipal Airport, located at 1320 North 11th St. in Monmouth.

Police say they came up on Sean B. Billingsley, of Jacksonville, Oregon, unloading cargo from a small personal aircraft.

Police say they recovered around 200 pounds of marijuana, $2,830, and a pistol from the aircraft.

Billingsley was taken into custody and charged on Wednesday, December 13, with one count of unlawful possession of cannabis (over 5,000 grams). His bond has been set at $250,000.

This is an on-going investigation.