Kewanee Police warn public of possible cop impersonator

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KEWANEE, Illinois-- Kewanee police are warning the community and parents of an alleged officer impersonator.

Police say on Monday, December 11th a stranger stopped and searched a juvenile who was on his way home from school.

It happened on the intersection of Railroad Avenue and North E. Street near the viaduct.

The man was described as a white male, average build and balding. The juvenile told police the man spoke to him only briefly and searched his backpack.

Officers say he was wearing plain clothes but drove a white car that looked like a police squad car.

That led the juvenile to believe the man was an officer even though he did not identify himself. After he got home he told his parents what had happened and they called the police.

Police Chief Troy Ainley said the man was not a police officer.

"In the City of Kewanee all officers in full uniform are usually making traffic stops. We do have some plainclothes officers but usually they have some form of ID on," said Ainley.

The police department is currently investigating and is asking the public for help on identifying the man.

"Concern is mostly my initial reaction with something like this cause we want to make sure the public is safe," said Ainley

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Kewanee police at (309) 853-1911.




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