Scott County officials offer solution to uptick in juvenile crime

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A car pulls up to a gas station, a kid jumps out and climbs into the driver's seat of a parked car that was left running and in an instant, they're gone.

It's a crime of opportunity that's becoming more and more common and is often committed by kids.

But police say they've done their research and now have a solution.

It's a solution that comes in the form of a one-stop shop for youth.

Officials say it would be called the Scott County Juvenile Assessment Center and it would provide kids with a space to get help 24/7.

Whether it's coordinating court ordered community service, going to counseling, or getting connected with mental health resources, the center would streamline how kids receive the services they need to stay out of trouble.

Officers at the Scott County Juvenile Center, whose facilities are full with kids committing these crimes of opportunity, are supportive of the idea.

Right now that's all it is, an idea. But it's an idea that could be the answer for our future and the future of our kids.





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