Mothers take stand against gun violence

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A group stood together in the Sky Bridge, remembering the tragic shooting that killed 26 people, most of them being very young children.

Members of the national group called "Mothers Demand Action for gun sense in America" stood in silence for those who were lost in the Sandy Hook massacre, and remembered victims from the more than 100 mass shootings that have taken place since.

Through their silence, they held on to one strong message that gun violence is an issue around the country.

"It matters everywhere, we know that we have issues of gun violence in our own community and we know that it's not only mass shootings that are the issue," said Lynn Drazinski.

Karene Nagel said she still thinks about the day that she was shot at in Davenport years ago.  She was at a stop sign downtown when a man got out of his car and started shooting.

"He jumped out and got in a three-point stance and he started firing his handgun, firing it towards us in our direction," Nagel said.  She said the bullet missed her by just a few feet.

In their efforts, the group is hoping to promote awareness and save lives in the future.  They also lobby state and federal lawmakers to enact greater gun restrictions.

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