Blind cat, best friend in Sacramento find a new home after months at shelter

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Two cats with an unlikely bond finally have a home, thanks to the power of social media.

Ray is blind and was found in September on the streets. He is a lot more confident with his best friend, Bea, around. The cats do everything as a pair, they even lived in the same kennel at Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter.

"Really gives him a lot of confidence and reassurance that everything is OK," said Ryan Hinderman, who works at Front Street.

They have been waiting for three months for a home that would accept both of them. So, the shelter went to Facebook to find the perfect family for the two best friends.

Kaylee Grunau and her family showed up at the same time as a KTXL news crew.

Grunau had seen Front Street's video and wanted to meet the cats in person. After months of searching and thousands of shares on social media, Ray and Bea found their match.

"Just because a cat has a disability doesn't mean that you can't at least check it out and see if it would be a good fit for your home," Grunau said.

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