‘The wave’ during a Hawkeye football game inspires kid to donate ‘life savings’

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A nine-year-old kid has shown the most selfless act by donating his “life savings” to a children’s hospital.

In a letter, Riley Lafrenz explained that he was donating money after seeing a kid battling cancer while he was watching a University of Iowa football game.  Stead Family Children’s Hospital posted the letter on their Faceook page.

It reads:

“Hi! My name is Riley. The reason I sent the money is that when I watched a Hawkeye football game I saw a kid that had cancer and I felt sad, so now I realized that you need the money more than I do.

from your friend, Riley”

Go Hawks!!”

According to the hospital’s Facebook post Riley’s mom Missie said that her son was “inspired by “the wave” to the children’s hospital during the Iowa football games.”

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She said he had been saving up and his “”life savings” was supposed to be for a pack of NFL cards,” but ended up deciding this cause was more important.