History Wall Unveiled: How Genesis Health System got its start

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- To celebrate nearly 150 years in the Quad Cities, Genesis Health System unveiled a wall of history.

The wall was revealed Thursday, December 7, 2017 and dates back to 1869 when Mercy Hospital opened. Mercy is now the Genesis West Campus in Davenport.

The president and CEO of Genesis, Doug Cropper, said it all started when a group of Catholic women took in a pregnant woman who had nowhere else to turn.

"148 years ago today, December 7, 1869, the sisters of St. Mercy came to the Quad Cities region to actually start a school. They saw the need for a hospital. The first patient was taken care of today, so the hospital was founded and started 148 years ago today."

In 1994 St. Luke's Hospital, now known as Genesis East, merged with Mercy to form what we today know as Genesis Health System.


On the day the history wall was unveiled, News 8 Jonathan Ketz talked with Cropper about Genesis and answered some of your questions. Click here to listen to that full interview.