Final salute for Pearl Harbor survivor on Pearl Harbor Day

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - - Eldon Baxter, the last known Quad Cities survivor of Pearl Harbor, was laid to rest on Thursday at the age of 97 on Pearl Harbor Day, remembered as a man all about family and of service.

"He just did his job and what he promised to do for his country and his fellow shipmates," said Brad Barton, Baxter's only grandson.

But, it was not Baxter's first funeral.

"After the attack the Department of the Navy notified his family that he was killed in action and they made arrangements immediately for him and had the funeral," Barton said.

Baxter was on the USS West Virginia when the Japanese bombers attacked.

106 of his fellow crew members died in the bombings.

Eldon Baxter

Over the years, Baxter and other Quad City Pearl Harbor survivors would reunite at an annual memorial service marking the anniversary of the attack.

At the time of his death, Baxter was the last man standing.

"I'll have and my sons will have the opportunity to share his story. I do think that will live on. There's no better way to say goodbye than on this day," said Barton, a dad of two sons.

"He was a true hero. Because, he didn't think he did anything out of the ordinary."


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