Moline man asking for life saving birthday gift

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MOLINE-- People coming, people going, but it would just take one to stop and notice.

"With flyers, it gets more real. Like wow, there were people out here putting this up. That shows how desperate the situation is," says 26-year-old Austin Acree.

100 flyers hang around the Quad Cities titled 'KIDNEY NEEDED.'

Meet Austin, an athlete with a history filled with competition.

"I would play football and think I did good, then he'd come along and do it better," remembers Austin's older brother Nicholas.

Austin had competition with his brother and with his health.

When he was 14, his kidneys unexpectedly failed. So his dad stepped in and gave Austin one of his.

"It was really a very simple decision for me," says dad, Nathan Acree.

Fast forward 12 years to now, it happened again, leaving Austin and his family in shock.

"There's over 100,000 people who need organ transplants," says Austin.

That means he has a five year wait until it's his name at the top of the transplant list.

"The longer you're on dialysis, the higher the mortality rate goes up," says Austin.

Austin is fighting for his life instead of fully living it.

"I'd like to be building my career. I'd like to just be living my life. Eventually I would like to work with renal patients and share my story, and tell them it will get better," says Austin.

That's why for his birthday this Thursday, he's asking for one thing, a donor who might contact the family or Mayo Clinic and offer a life saving present.

"Just know that you're giving someone the greatest gift you can, and that's life, a new life. And that gift is never going to go away," says Austin.

The ideal donor for Austin would be someone younger than 40-years-old who's in good health with O-blood type.

If you or anyone you know is interested in donating, you can contact Austin at (309)235-3954. For more information about becoming a donor, click here.

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