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Feeding geese in Moline turning into messy, aggressive situation

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MOLINE-- You can see it. The cold is here. But it's about what you can hear that's cause for concern.

"We're teaching our geese, which are migratory by nature, not to migrate so we are interrupting their flight patterns," says Moline Parks and Recreation Director Lori Wilson.

Wilson says the problem stems from people feeding the birds throughout the year. If the birds are getting food, why would they leave?

That's why Wilson wants to make feeding all water fowl illegal at all city parks.

For every feeding offense, people would land a $25 fine.

"The complaints have escalated," says Wilson.

Not only is feeding the geese bad for the bird's health, it's not always good for you either.

Feeding birds bread can cause Avian Cholera and Avian Botulism.

"If they're aggressive, they'll just come after you," says Moline resident Mattie Porter.

There's something else fowl about these birds, chances are you've seen it.

"The bad part, obviously, is stepping in goose poop if you don't intend to step in goose poop, but I don't know who would want to do that," says Moline resident Dallas Frye.

"The pathway becomes slippery. The bicyclists encounter that. The droppings you're walking and stepping in the droppings when you're on the path. Children are down there. Adults are down there," says Wilson.

Not feeding these guys would, if you will, kill two birds with one stone.

"It's healthier for the geese if we don't feed them, and it's more pleasant on the parkway if we don't feed them," says Wilson.

Council members will vote on the issue in a few weeks. The fine for feeding the birds starts at $25 a pop but can be as high as $750.

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