Holiday safety helps to prevent fires and accidents, Davenport firefighters urge

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DAVENPORT -- Holiday season is full of bright and beautiful decorations.  It's also the time when more fires and accidents  take place.

That's why Davenport firefighters offered some timely advice to play it safe.

"There's an increase of fires that happen on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve," said Lt. Zach Soliz, Davenport Fire Department, on Monday, December 4.  "We want to make sure our message is to be safe with the decorations."

Burning candles and faulty wires are among the culprits that cause seasonal fires in homes.  Lt. Soliz says that a little prevention can save a lot of problems.

"The number one cause for a Christmas tree fire is being too close to a heating source," he continued.  "If you choose to have a Christmas tree - and it's a fresh Christmas tree - it should be watered every day to prevent it from drying out."

Firefighters also urge taking time for winter conditions.  That includes packing a safety kit with things like a blanket, phone charger and even kitty litter for traction.

"We don't want to make this time of year that Christmas nobody wants to remember," he concluded.  "It should be fun. It should be festive. It should be memorable."


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