He’s back! Reporter John David talks recovery, return to work

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A happy and healthy John David is back in action.

MOLINE, Illinois –Three months to the day after suffering the first of two heart attacks, I’m back on the job as a reporter at WQAD.

Gratitude is the first word that comes to mind.  I’m so grateful to my WQAD co-workers, audience and Tribune Company for tremendous encouragement and support during my absence.  It was a big motivator for me to want to return to work.  I’m so thankful for the messages and posts while I was out!

My first heart attack took place in Los Angeles on Labor Day.  I really thought it was just a bad back ache.  But when my cardiologist, Dr. Heather Shenkman, told me it was a big deal, reality started to sink in, along with time in the Intensive Care Unit.

Two weeks later, on September 18, I had another heart attack in my Davenport doctor’s office.

In all, there were two hospitalizations, three stents placed and six weeks of cardiac rehab in Davenport. I progressed from limited walking to doubling my output and exceeding all my goals in rehab.

It’s going to be a long road ahead taken in baby steps.  Since I had muscle damage to my heart, continued exercise and a low-sodium diet will help to restore its function.  Medication – a lot of it – is helping to keep everything on track.

Stress is my biggest enemy right now, so I will be taking it slow and easy at work.  Still, it is great to starting a normal routine again.

Thanks for your kindness and support!

Watch John working hard to stay fit and healthy:



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