Glenview Middle School’s annual ‘gBay’ teaches students the joys of giving

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EAST MOLINE---Think of it as Glenview Middle School’s version of eBay.

"This is called gBay it's an annual event.... kids are allowed to come in and bid on items that have been donated,” says organizer and school counselor Gaye Dunn.

The annual school auction allows students to build money management skills as well as find affordable gifts in time for the holiday season.

Bids start as low as 25 cents.

“Every kid has a quarter usually, and there are so many items here that are not bid on,” says Dunn.

The money raised goes to the school’s Builder’s Club, an extracurricular social service organization sponsored by Kiwanis.

“Generally, we take the money we make for this and we buy food baskets for Christmas (for families in need),” says Dunn.

This is the second year 6th grader Leah Nowlin volunteered for gBay. So far, she says she’s gotten a lot of good gifts for her parents.

“(there’s) also really cool stuff like the jewelry and all the sports equipment. This year they have more boy things,” says Nowlin.

Usually the Builder’s Club raises about $600 from gBay.

Students have until the end of the school day Tuesday, to put in their final bids.

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