Four vintage cars lost in massive garage fire in Davenport near Fairmount Cemetery

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Fire crews responded to a structure fire on the city's west end near Fairmount Cemetery in Davenport.

Crews say it happened around 1:15 p.m. Sunday, December 3rd.

Dewayne Simons, the owner of a small antique shop next door called crews to the scene after hearing loud popping sounds and seeing heavy flames coming from a multiple- car garage detached from a nearby home.

"It sounded like something was blowing up inside the building like boom, boom, boom, like gun fire... it was just black smoke just pure black and it was shooting up all the way into the tree lines," says Simons, Dewey's Deals owner.

Neighbor Jake Arthur, says he could see the smoke all the way from his house down the street.

“My mom had just pulled up and we saw flames coming out of the sky,” says Arthur, who then ran to the burning garage, he later found the homeowner trying to save a vintage car inside.

“That was his favorite truck.....I told him three or four times 'get out it’s going to go up (in flames)' he would not move, so I jumped to help him (pull) the back of the vehicle as much as I could,” says Arthur.

Fire fighters say the homeowner managed to pull a few cars away from the flames, but the garage and four other cars inside are a total loss.

Arthur suffered minor burns to his hands.

“I felt a little burns on my finger tips and burns on my face but I checked out with the doctor, I’m fine,” he says.

The homeowner made it out safely.

Fire crews are not classifying the fire as an explosion at this time.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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