Local police see increase in shoplifters during holiday season

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MOLINE-- It's the busiest time of the year for retail stores.

But more business could mean more opportunity for shoplifters. According to the National Association for Shoplifting, more than ten million people have been caught shoplifting nationwide.

Moline Police say they always see an increase in store theft when the holidays roll around.

"The opportunity is always there but it really starts to pick up when the weather turns cold," says Joe Kluever, Moline Police Officer.

Most of the people caught stealing are repeat offenders who turn around and resell the items for profit online.

"Now with the facebook market place you can create a fake profile if you want with this stuff, set up your own meetings and sell the items," says Kluever.

Big box stores are typically the targets because they sell more hot ticket popular brands that sell fast.

In Illinois getting caught shoplifting is a Class A Misdemeanor if the item is under $300 dollars, or a minor felony if it's over that amount.




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