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Childhood trauma can cause developmental delays in adulthood, study says

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It’s a battle Child Abuse Council has been fighting for years.

The Adverse Childhood Experience study conducted by ACEs 360 Iowa is putting science behind what many parents and social workers already suspect. Mental, physical and emotional abuse or trauma can cause developmental delays in the brain.

“They choose ten things varying from physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse, like having a parent that's incarcerated or having parents that are divorced… They found a direct correlation between the number of adverse things that are happening to you or the number of bad things and the likelihood that you were going to experience health problems in the future," says Child Abuse Council’s Angie Kendall.

Another study reports that Iowa children are more likely experience trauma than in other places in the country.

Kendal says although parents cannot always s protect their children from traumatic experiences, they can still teach their kid how to cope with high levels of stress.

“Research has shown that if you make dinner with your kids and ask them about their day you play rule based games and you read books before bedtime, those three things will make a big difference in your kid's life,” says Kendal.

The Child Abuse Council in Moline offers mental health support for kids going through traumatic experiences.

United way Quad Cities will also discuss Juvenile Mental Health at an informational session at the Jumer’s Casino and Hotel next week.

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