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Police officers surprise Semi-loving Davenport boy with his very own Semi truck

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The surprise of a lifetime for 10-year-old Aedan all started with a love of Semi trucks and a homemade Halloween costume.

Aedan's mom, Sara Griffin, says Aedan, a student at Truman Elementary in Davenport, has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. She said they decided to build around that chair for Halloween this year and give him his very own Semi truck costume.

Griffin said it was while the family was out trick-or-treating, that a Davenport police officer down the street spotted Aedan in his

Photo from Sara Griffin.

Semi and had the idea to "pull him over." Getting the go-ahead, the officer pulled Aedan over in his Davenport neighborhood, adding that it was the first time he'd ever pulled over a "miniature Semi truck."

But a few weeks later, on Tuesday, November 21, Griffin said she heard from Davenport PD again when she received a call that a

few officers wanted to bring by gifts they had for Aedan. She had no idea that those gifts would include an actual Semi truck to surprise Aedan with as he got off of his school bus.

And surprise him they did.

In a post on her Facebook page, Griffin said she will be eternally grateful for the Davenport PD and their gesture of surprising their "little Semi truck driver with his very own Semi."

"With every bone in my body, we will continue to pay it forward," she said. "Kindness is catching."