Hope Creek Care Center works to improve communication with board

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - Hope Creek Nursing home has paid more than $180,000 in fines over the past five years.

The chairman of Hope Creek Care Center's board of directors, Jessey Hullon, says he never knew anything about it.

"I can only report to the county board of the whole if I'm appraised to it, if I'm not appraised of it than I can't report it," said Hullon.

The fines come from dozens of violations for neglect and abuse.

"You learn from the bumps in the road and I think that's what we're doing," said Lynda Vogt, Quality Assurance Coordinator at Hope Creek Care Center.

Since then, the center has worked to be in compliance but throughout the process there's been a gap in communication.

"It's a learning curve but I think that conversation has helped us to formulate a plan going forward so that we have a united front," said Vogt.

Hope Creek's new executive director will now put together a monthly report for the board and members of the board of directors say they will ask more questions in the future.

"Moving forward at our board meetings we want to know if and when the state was here, how many time the state was here, why the state was here, was there a tag given, what the outcome was if there was any fines given," said Hullon.

Among the improvements a quality assurance plan has been created, more people will oversee the day-to-day operation and a pledge that these fines won't happen again.

"We're taking the expertise that we're bringing on board and looking at how we can best address those and not do it again," said Vogt.