Challenger says Governor Rauner “betrayed” Illinois Republicans

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MOLINE, Illinois - Republican State Representative Jeanne Ives says she's challenging the Governor in the March primary because he betrayed the party. She says she started getting calls to get in the race after Governor Bruce Rauner signed the  expanding abortion coverage for women on Medicaid. She also says he surrendered to the Democrats by agreeing to what she considers a bailout of Chicago Public Schools.

"Governor Rauner betrayed our party and our values," Rep. Ives said. "He lied to us. He lied to people in the party about vetoing that bill. And he's basically Benedict Rauner at this point"

Rep. Ives met with News 8's Denise Hnytka during a visit to the Quad Cities. In an interview, Ives said she is not intimidated by getting into a race that could be the most expensive in state history. Governor Rauner has 65 million dollars in campaign cash on hand. But Ives says big money isn't a prerequisite to win the race.

"Campaigns are run differently right now," she said. "The Governor is going to spend a lot of money on consultants trying to convince people he is someone he is not. We know that they just want someone to stand up for them, and this guy hasn't done that."

Ives selected Rock Island County Board member and former state representative Rich Morthland as her running mate. She says he represents what she considers a "forgotten" part of the state, because it's outside Chicago.


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