WATCH: UPS truck driver delivers a special surprise to her biggest, little fan

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FOREST CITY, North Carolina-- Little James Walker's tears are real. His dream is, too.

Walker wants his own UPS truck.

Why? "So I can drive around the world," he says.

The 5-year-old boy from North Carolina wants to be a UPS driver. And it's all because of a very special lady: UPS truck driver Kellie Martin, who delivers packages on his block.

Martin started delivering in Walker's neighborhood about a year ago. She made fast friends with James.

"When he sees her, I think she's only made it to our door one time," Lauren Walker, James' mom, says.

Martin was flattered when she found out her little buddy wanted to be just like her, so she entered him into a UPS contest to win his very own truck. And he won!

"And when he saw his truck, he just jumped up and down and he said, 'You've got my UPS truck, you've got my UPS truck!'" Martin remembers. "Of course he wanted to unload it immediately!"

Walker's truck is a pint-sized version of the "real deal." He now spends his days rolling around his driveway, delivering pretend packages to pretend people. Even though he now has his own wheels, Walker still gets excited when Martin rolls up. He never misses a step, and always helps his pal with her job.

"The running out to my truck is the same every time," Martin says. "He's just excited about the truck, about coming to see me. Or me coming to see him."

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