Quad City Animal Welfare Center holds first Pets for Vets event

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MILAN, Illinois-- The Quad City Animal Welfare Center was one of 12 shelters in Illinois to participate in the Pets for Vets event Saturday, November 11.

The statewide adoption event organized by Illinois Comptroller Susan Mendoza allowed fees to be waived for veterans and active service members.

“It`s been a really great, busy day. We had a lot of people waiting, we had to give out numbers to make sure we saw people in the order that they got here,” says Lindsay Hocker from the Quad City Animal Welfare Center.

At least ten pets were adopted at the shelter during the event.

Hocker says although the event is a good way to find more homes for pets, she says it’s also helps veterans battling mental illness.

“People have told us, that had anxiety and depression, that the animal has improved their lives so much. It made it possible for them to get through those episodes much easier and even bring them out of it sometimes,” says Hocker.

Adoption fees at the Quad City Animal Welfare Center normally are $100 for dogs and $40 for cats.

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