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Police agencies from across the country gather in Rockford for funeral of officer killed in the line of duty

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ROCKFORD, Illinois-- Hundreds of officers, family, friends, and strangers gathered in Rockford Saturday afternoon to salute police officer Jaime Cox, who died in the line of duty.

Officer Cox was eulogized by the Rockford Police Chief and Mayor as a "hero" in the somber send-off.

The 30-year-old officer was killed last weekend, when a scuffle broke out with a man he had pulled over. The last anyone heard from Cox was a radio transmission call asking for help.

Today, they heard a final dispatch, what's known in law enforcement as the "end of watch." The dispatcher can be heard saying, "Officer Jaime Cox, thank you for your service to your family, friends, our country, and the city of Rockford."

Brittany Marshall was one of the hundreds of people at Cox' funeral. "To hear the radios crackle," she recalls, "And to hear them ask for Officer Jaime Cox, knowing that he wouldn't respond, it was devastating. It was heartbreaking."

So many members of law enforcement turned out for Officer Cox' funeral procession that it took more than half an hour for all the cars to empty out of the church's parking lot.

The incident that led to the deaths of Officer Cox and the man he pulled over, Eddie Patterson, remains under investigation.