Two students confess to vandalizing anti-violence display at Augustana College

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- Two students have confessed to an act of vandalism against an anti-violence project displayed on Augustana College's campus, according to the Director of Public Relations from Augustana.

The display, called "The Clothespin Project," was installed by the Women and Gender Studies Program and was aimed at spreading awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse.  It's a clothesline featuring about 60 shirts showing words of encouragement.

The project has been vandalized two different times. The first time, the clothesline project was partially burned.  The second time T-shirts were torn off the display, stomped upon, and counter messages were written on the sidewalk in chalk.  

Augustana's public relations director told WQAD News 8 on Thursday, November 9th that the two students - who are from another school - admitted to the second hit of vandalism.   It's still unknown who was responsible for lighting some of the shirts on fire and there is a $1,500 reward still available for information that identifies who was the culprit.