Genesis Remembrance Tree brings in $10,000 for QC Hospice

DAVENPORT-- Every year people gather around the tree to remember.

"It's intended to remind us of the people who we have lost," says Genesis Health System senior communications manager Craig Cooper.

What's known for a joyous time of year, the holiday's can also make losing someone even harder.

"Especially around the holidays, you think more about special memories with someone that passed away," says Cooper.

Every light on the tree has a story.

Donna and Chuck have two lights dedicated, one for his wife, one for her husband.

"Her husband died two weeks before my wife did," says Chuck Sylvia.

Families donate $10 to dedicate a tree light to a loved one. The money goes to local hospice care.

In the 14 years, the tree has brought in more than $65,000. This year brought in $10,000.

Holiday after holiday Donna and Chuck find comfort in each other.

"Just became close friends, and we've helped each other through the hard times," says Sylvia.

They also find comfort in this tree filled with stories.

"It just shows that people care. They still care and remember," says Donna Marland.