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Family hopes Illinois boy who defied cancer odds can meet Blake Shelton, whose songs got him through

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TAMPICO , Illinois - Sammy Hodgett seems like your average kid running around with his friends but this 8-year-old is far from average.

"Just incredible in lots of ways," said Becky Hodgett, Sammy's mom.

Three years ago he was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia after his family found a lump on his neck.

Little did they know it would be a reaction to his chemotherapy that would make him fight the hardest, he was in a medically induced come for nearly six weeks.

"We actually lost him twice, they had to do like even epinephrine in his heart, it was insane," said Hodgett.

Sammy had to re-learn to walk, talk and eat again.

"It's truly a miracle how far he's come and look at him you just would never know," said Hodgett.

It's a song by famous country singer Blake Shelton that got him through the toughest times, his family played it for him while he was in the coma.

Sammy recognized the familiar tune Boys' Round Here during his recovery.

"When he would actually be like, I recognize that song, it just is overwhelming," said Hodgett.

His family is trying to get Blake Shelton's attention through a Facebook post with Sammy's story.

They are hoping Shelton can meet with Sammy when he plays at the TaxSlayer Center in February.

"I know he's just this little boy and I know so many children have so many issues but it would just be amazing, he would never forget it," said Hodgett.

It was on Sammy's Make-A-Wish list to meet Blake Shelton but the singer wasn't in the area at the time.

Sammy is in remission and has around seven months of chemotherapy treatment left.

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