Dismissed Davenport Chief Lynn Washburn speaks out for first time since firing

DAVENPORT, Iowa --  Davenport's Civil Service Commission has determined that ousted Davenport Fire Chief Lynn Washburn is entitled to be re-instated to a job with the Davenport Fire Department due to her civil service status.

The hearing held Wednesday, Nov. 8 did not determine whether her firing was justified, but rather whether she  had civil service status.

In a 3-1 vote, the Davenport Civil Service Commission ruled Washburn still has a right to employment with the fire department. They say it's because she has civil service status.

The city argued that because Washburn previously worked in Rockford, Illinois as district chief, her civil service status never carried over to Iowa.

But  her 36 years of experience and vague language in Iowa Code 400 convinced commission members her case had merit.

As a result of the ruling, she is entitled to a job as district chief in the department, which is two grades below her former role as chief. There is currently not an open district chief position, but the ruling states the city is required to make one available.

"It doesn't matter what position I'm in. I will work to the best of my ability to give back and fulfill my calling to be part of the fire service," says Washburn.

The city can appeal the decision.

Washburn has not said whether she will appeal the original dismissal or not, but her attorney did say that option remains on the table.

Here's the former chief's raw interview where she speaks out for the first time after being fired.