Scott County will not participate in Iowa’s voter ID “dress rehearsal”

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Although the Iowa Secretary of State recommended that polling place workers across the state ask for voter's identification during the 2017 mid-term elections as a "dress rehearsal" for when the law goes into full effect next year, the auditors in several of the state's most populous counties are not going to do so.

"What the Secretary of State had asked was a recommendation to ask for identification at the polls," said Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz. "My perspective is, when it becomes law is when we will implement the law."

Moritz is joined in her decision to not have poll workers ask for ID by the auditors in Linn and Johnson counties, where Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are located.

In many other counties across the state, particularly in rural Iowa, poll workers will ask for identification. However, everyone who shows up - regardless of having ID or not - will be allowed to vote in this election.

Starting in 2018 voters without an ID will have to swear to their identity, and then in 2019 they’ll be allowed to cast a provisional ballot only.