Illinois DCFS attack prompts new bill

ILLINOIS -- A new bill has been filed that would give Department of Children and Family Services workers the same legal protections as police officers and fire fighters.

The decision to file the bill comes after a 59-year-old DCFS Investigator was at a home to take protective custody of a 2-year-old boy when police say she was viciously attacked by the child's father, Andrew Sucher.

Under current law, her attacker would not be charged with a class one felony, as would the attacker of a police officer or fire fighter.

The new bill would mean those offenders, like Sucher, could face more severe penalties when facing prosecution and sentencing.

Illinois State Representative and co-sponsor of the bill Tony McCombie says this is the kind of legal protection that these workers deserve.

Knight remains in a coma in a Rockford hospital.

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