Davenport election results are in

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- On the ballot for Davenport residents was a single mayoral candidate, a race for Alderman at Large as well as Alderman for all eight wards.

Frank Klipsch was the only mayoral candidate, and retained his seat.

When choosing Alderman at Large, voters were instructed to vote for two.  In the running was Andrew Walker Arnold, JJ Condon, Kyle Gripp, and Toby W. Paone.

Kyle Gripp and JJ Condon led the field with 41 % and 32%, respectively.  Toby Paone earned 18% and Andrew Arnold earned the remaining 9%.

In Ward One, Rick Dunn was the only candidate.

In Ward Two, Maria Dickmann and Mike Prunchak were competing. Maria Dickmann won with 59% of the vote.

In Ward Three, Marion Meginnis and Wil Patton were competing.  Marion Meginnis won with 87% of the vote.

In Ward Four, Raymond A. Ambrose and Susan Wier were competing. Raymond Ambrose won with 62% of the vote.

In Ward Five Rita Rawson was the only candidate.

In Ward Six Richard A. Clewell and Sean Liddell were competing. Richard Clewell won with 53% of the vote.

In Ward Seven Mike Matson was the sole candidate.

In Ward Eight Kerri Tompkins was the sole candidate.