Quad City churches review security policies after deadly church shooting in Texas

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MILAN, Illinois---Churches all around the Quad Cities are reviewing their security policies after the deadly shooting at a church in Texas over the weekend.

Pastor Britton Rexroat from the Milan Christian Church says his congregation always prays for the best but they are prepared for the worst.

“I never had a firearm until I became a lead pastor… There’s a danger in everything we do and as an individual and as a church we need to be prepared because it’s become so common in our culture,” says Rexroat.

Rexroad, the lead pastor of the church since 2005, says each member with a concealed carry permit is welcomed to join church security.

“Anytime we have a big event I talk to a couple of people ahead of time, to make sure we have security at all the entrances and exits,” says Rexroat.

But keeping the balance between a welcoming environment and a secure one looks a lot different from the First Baptist Church in Davenport, near Palmer College.

Security cameras are at every turn and although security officers are on duty, there are no firearms.

Pastor Rob White says it’s against church policy.

“When Jesus tells his disciples to go out and preach the good news, he doesn't send them out with swords even though he tells them to expect opposition," says White.

Security guards can use pepper spray and tasers. The church is also considering ALICE training for it’s congregation, which is a program meant to provide strategic methods and training for organizations in the event of an active shooter.

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