Accused gunman fired at least 17 bullets into Illinois State trooper squad car

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CAMBRIDGE, Illinois - A Massachusetts man accused of shooting at police and leading them on a manhunt pleaded not guilty in court today.

At his preliminary hearing we heard for the first time the details of what went down that day.

The night of October 15th, police say Taylor was pulled over for an obstructed windshield.

"Mr.Taylor only rolled down the window just a crack he also noticed on the approach that he saw a tote like a carrier on the backside of the receiver of the vehicle that said m16 ammo that was written on top of it," said Sgt.Corey Peck.

After that, a K9 unit was called out to sniff Taylor's car. Police say Taylor refused to get out the car and took off. The state trooper found Taylor's car parked on a county road in Atkinson, but no sight of Taylor.

"He went to the back of his vehicle to scan the area and create some cover and that`s when he received approximately 17 shots to his vehicle," said Peck.

Peck says Taylor had a semi-automatic rifle.

"He made an escape to the soybean field to the north and then there was another volley of rounds that struck his vehicle afterward," said Peck.

Police said Taylor then lead them on a seven-hour manhunt. Police would find out Taylor was watching them the whole time.

"He was doing an over watch of the command center," said Peck.

Taylor was finally caught, this time unarmed.

"He stated that he did not actually remember pulling the trigger, that it was possible that he did that. He was doing what he was trained to do in a situation that he feared for life and therefore he eluded to the fact that something bad had happened and offered to pay restitution to the squad car for damages and was concerned how the trooper was doing," said Peck.

Taylor is charged with attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

His next court date is December 7th.

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