NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: A New Way to “Fall Back” Ahead of Daylight Saving Time

Are you ready to "fall back"? Yeah, me either. Jonathan, Eric, and I are used to coming into work when it's dark out, but I just don't think I'm ready for it to be darker earlier in the evening. Where did summer go?!

Okay, enough complaining. Whether we like it or not, Daylight Saving Time is happening this weekend and so I tried to find a fun way to "celebrate" it for our weekly Nailed It Or Failed It segment on WQAD News 8 at 11am.

How about a new way to tell time? I found this family-friendly craft on Kiwi Co. It's a liquid hourglass! You probably have everything you need to make it around your house - a couple water bottles with caps, straws, vegetable oil, food coloring, and - this is for adults only - a drill.

Click the video above to see how we put it all together, then click the video below to see if we Nailed It or Failed It - PLUS - find out how to make this delicious fall drink, perfect for the warmer weather this weekend!