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‘Neighborhood spoofers’ may try to steal your information

MOLINE- Experts say 'spoofers' are using advanced technology to try to scam people out of money.

The Better Business Bureau's Chris Coleman joined us Wednesday, November 1 for Scam Tracker on WQAD News 8 at 11. Coleman says scammers are using a new technology called 'neighbor spoofing,' where they're able to change the area code of their phone number to match the person's they're trying to scam.

"Our caller ID will use a number we think is one of our neighbors," Coleman said Wednesday. "In my neighborhood, it would be [area code] 274. In my in laws, it would be 391, and it comes from there. It shows up on our caller ID, it's one way they're spoofing us and answering the phone and giving us some information."

Coleman advises people to never answer a phone call from a number they don't recognize, but if you do, never wire money or use prepaid debit cards. People should also never pay to win a prize over the phone.