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Illinois universities must report campus sexual assaults & how they’re handled, despite Trump administration rollback

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois -- Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan estimates that 20% of women are assaulted on college campuses. In a fight to change that, Illinois now requires state universities and colleges to report campus assaults and how they're handled. The change went into effect November 1st, 2017 at midnight.

Madigan wants to add an extra layer of security in case the Trump administration rolls back Obama-era guidelines on how universities handled these cases.

U.S Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the rollback several months ago and said her administration will rewrite teh rules to protect both victims of sexual assault and the accused.

Madigan says she's not sure what those revisions will entail.

“Time and again we have seen where schools want to act as if this isn’t even happening. And we know that is absolutely not the case," Madigan said.

That's why, starting Thursday at midnight, Illinois colleges will have to turn in reports to the Attorney General on the number of sexual assault cases and what they're doing to investigate them and help victims.

"Everyone who is on a college campus knows that sexual assaults are a problem," Madigan said.

Last year, the University of Illinois reported 17 rape cases. The year before, they had 15 cases.

Iowa does not have a law like this, but information about campus assaults is still available on university websites. The most recent information from the University of Iowa is from 2015, when 16 rapes were reported.

Here are some websites that detail cases across the country:
Campus Safety and Security
Safety at Illinois 

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