Who were the eight people killed in the New York terrorist attack?

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NEW YORK CITY, New York-- Five high school friends visiting New York City from Argentina, a Belgian woman, and two Americans were killed Tuesday when a terrorist plowed through a bike path along the Hudson River.

The New York Police Department released the names of all eight victims Wednesday afternoon. Their ages range from 23 to 48 years old.

Of the eight people killed, five were from Argentina, in town celebrating their 30th high school reunion. In a picture taken at the airport before taking off, the men wore matching shirts with a single word on the front: "libre," meaning "free."

The men were riding their bikes along a bike path beside the Hudson River Tuesday when a white, rented Home Depot truck turned onto the path, plowing over both walkers and bikers.

One of the victims was 48-year-old Ariel Erlij, a businessman who organized the trip for his classmates and even footed the bill for his friends who couldn't afford it.

Another was 47-year-old Alejandro Pagnucco, a father of three. One of his daughters called visiting New York City her dad's "lifelong dream."

The other Argentines were identified as Hernan Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, and Hernan Ferruchi.

"It was the definition of terrorism," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a press conferen

Ann-Laure Decadt

ce Wednesday. "An effort to take away people's hope and spirit to make them change. Be strong, be proud, be resilient. Show the whole world right now that we will not be moved by terror."

31-year-old Ann-Laure Decadt of Belgium was also killed. She leaves behind two sons, a three-year-old and a three-month-old.

Darren Drake, in recent Facebook post

Two Americans were killed as well. 32-year-old Darren Drake of New Jersey had weight loss surgery three years ago and rode "Citi Bikes" to stay in shape. 23-year-old Nicholas Cleves, a software engineer, was the only victim to call New York City "home."

Nicholas Cleves, in recent Facebook post

At least 12 people who were hurt and survived were all taken to the hospital. Three are now out, and nine are still recovering. Their injuries range from stable to critical condition.

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