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Scott County Sheriff’s Office warns of new phone scam

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- If you receive a phone call from a county sheriff's office, chances are it's fake.

More than a dozen people contacted the Scott County Sheriff's office claiming they've received phone calls from scammers.

Scammers tell people they've missed a court date and need to pay a fine with a credit card number.

Be aware the number carries a county 563 area code. The full number is (563) 362-0903.

Scott County officials say they would not ask for credit card information over the phone.

"They're going to make it sound legitimate," says Major Shawn Roth.

Roth says the scammers are targeting random people, not just those with warrants.

"They're just throwing out random phone calls and phone numbers... just trying to see how many people they can get to give them their money," said Roth.

News 8 called the number shown on the Scott County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. 

There was no answer, but instead a voicemail call center that sounded similar to the Scott County's call center.

The fake number didn't state what county the call was coming from.

Roth says if you're unsure whether it's a scam to hang up and call their office which is (563) 326-8625. Or to come down to the office in person.





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