Two dogs found dead; East Moline couple says a coyote is to blame

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EAST MOLINE-- Two Miniature Pinschers named Oswald and Harvey were found dead in their backyard Saturday night.

"It was 8 o'clock Saturday night. I always let them out at that time," remembers former dog owner Dora Krol.

Dora and her husband Sarge say the pups were only out in the backyard for about ten minutes when they knew something was not right.

"I usually call for them. When I called for them, they didn't come back. So I called again, and I said to my daughter, something's wrong," says Dora.

The couple installed a motion-censored camera a day later. They say the camera exposed the killer, a coyote that got a little too comfortable in their residential backyard.

No matter where you live, here's a message from one owner to another: "Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to happen to me, and it did. Make sure you don't let your dogs out unsupervised, because it can happen," warns Dora.

The Humane Society says if you ever encounter a coyote that seems a little bold, make loud noises to scare it. They say definitely never feed wild animals.

For more information on how to keep your pet safe, click here.


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