Moline police say construction site thefts on the rise

MOLINE- Police are looking into thefts at city construction sites this month.

Over the weekend, thieves stole a couple thousand dollars worth of tools at the site of a future senior housing complex off Seventh Street, being built by Russell Construction.

"When some of the workers showed up they went to work this morning, they didn't have tools to do their job," said Tim Pancratz, with Russell Construction.

Moline Police say there have been thefts at the site for the new I-74 bridge construction site, and Johnson Contracting in Moline.

"They've been hit three times in recent months, for a total of about $20,000," said Moline Det. Mike Griffin.

"Alot of times they're (the tools) are sold for drugs on the street. These crimes start with addiction issues, and tools and construction equipment, they're easily moved on the street," he said.

Police say they are generally easily identifiable as stolen when taken from commercial construction companies because their company names are engraved on the tools.

"The biggest setback was the workers not being able to go to work right away. And, then, just the violation," said Pancratz.