This chemical-free deodorant will make you smell like whiskey

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A Colorado couple has set out to end armpit stench… using whiskey.

Their deodorant, called “Pit Liquor” is described as a “crazy-effective deodorant made from whiskey, vodka, and other entirely edible, entirely body-friendly ingredients.”

The creators of “Pit Liquor”

In a promotional video, the creators went to the street and asked innocent bystanders to smell a man’s armpit armored with “Pit Liquor.”  After getting an array of positive feedback he sprung it on them that he hadn’t washed his under-arms in six months.

A kickstarter fundraiser is underway with a $12,000 goal.  The fundraiser lasts until the week of Thanksgiving.

The creators of Pit Liquor, Jason and Erica, own a company called “Distilled Bath & Body.”  They said the idea for the whiskey-based deodorant came from Jason’s concern over using chemical-based deodorant when they were expecting their daughter.

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