Public asked to choose between two different Davenport riverfront designs

DAVENPORT-- After years of planning and thousands of dollars spent, blueprints for Davenport's Main Street Landing reconstruction are on paper and ready for the public to see. But some were expecting to see more.

It's been the chatter of the town for years. What is in store for Davenport's riverfront?

On Thursday dozens spend the evening looking at two ideas for Davenport's Main Street Landing. It's the strip of land near the Sky Bridge where the casino boat and canopy used to sit.

People are choosing the little details that will set the tone for the space.

Two options, both are merging historic and contemporary looks. That's the goal of engineers from RDg Planning and Design out of Dubuque and Des Moines. Other concepts put in the designs were to make the riverfront different from the downtown to give it it's own identity. They also focused on making pieces such as benches and light poles sturdy to withstand floods.

"This is so that when the city moves forward with projects in the future, they know what type of pavement they'll be using," says RDg engineer Ryan Peterson.

But some don't want to see trash can and light post designs. They want more.

"I would rather see what actually is going on down there, what the plan is. The big plan, not just the little elements," says Davenport resident Tracy Dvorak.

But others say everyone needs to be on the same page before deciding what's next on the horizon.

"We want a vision that is consistent so you know that when you're on the Davenport riverfront, you are there, and it has it's own identity," says Peterson.

After Thursday's open house, the public was asked to fill out comment cards about which design they liked better. Planners will take those suggestions into consideration and choose one of the two themes presented by January 1, 2018.