Security cameras installed at Long Grove City Hall after reports of suspicious activity

LONG GROVE, Iowa-- The sign on the door of Long Grove City Hall is clear. Security cameras are in use.

Two cameras were paid for and donated by the city's Mayor Mike Limberg.

City Council Member Mike Oeschner says they were put up shortly after a police report was filed for suspicious activity.

The report from May 31st, shows the city clerk found a vault that normally holds important file documents wide open.

There were no signs of forced entry and the only way into the building and vault according to the clerk was with a key.

It's unclear whether anything was taken.

Around the same time, auditors from the state of Iowa were scheduled to look into some questions about a city employee.

There's no word on whether the incidents were related.

In a statement to the North Scott Press Newspaper, Mayor Limberg says cameras were put up for the safety of employees but did not connect the cameras with the incident reported.

"I think the cameras are really there to safeguard. To let people know if there's any bad intention potentially by somebody that they would know they're gonna be caught on camera," says Oeschner.

According to Oeschner, there wasn't a proper council meeting to discuss the issue and there have been concerns from the people of Long Grove.

"I can see where somebody would say that it doesn't seem the right process was followed(...) but I don't think it was done with ill intention," says Oeschner.

The investigation into the vault is now closed but the investigation on the city employee is still undergoing.

News 8 contacted the Iowa Auditor's office about their findings but they say they're not ready to release any information at this time.