Davenport police react to rash of business burglaries

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DAVENPORT - Police say there's been an uptick in burglaries.

The target? Small businesses.

"They`re a victim and it is demoralizing. This is where they make a living, this is their livelihood," said Sergeant Mark Berger with the Davenport Police Department.

Several of the businesses have been able to catch the thief in the act. Surveillance video shows a person breaking into a Boost Mobile store, busting the window to get in.

"Somebody has taken advantage of them and stolen what is theirs and what they work hard every day to achieve," said Berger.

Police say so far there's been around 16 businesses hit and the crime has been spread out through Davenport. Police say they can't say if they're dealing with one or multiple people involved.

"In a city our size I would be very surprised if it was just one person, but I believe one or two people can definitely skew the numbers which I believe is probably why this happening," said Sergeant Dennis Kolclasure.

But Kolclasure says police are on it, "They are actively being investigated right now."

From increasing patrol and working with other police departments, police say they're doing everything they can to catch who's responsible and prevent crime from striking again.

"We approach it as a whole team response. It`s not just one detective," said Kolclasure.

Until then, police say there are steps business owners can take to protect themselves.

"Make it more difficult, better ways to secure up their business, not leaving cash on hand in the business at all. Obviously, if they come and find money one time there`s a chance they may come back," said Berger.

If your not sure how to protect your business the Davenport Police department offers a free security survey where an officer will come out and do an assessment of your business.