Warning for people looking to donate after hurricanes, Las Vegas

MOLINE- The Better Business Bureau's Bobby Hansen joined us Wednesday, October 18 for Scam Tracker on WQAD News 8 at 11.

Hansen says scammers are emailing people and calling them, asking for money after the recent natural disasters. Hansen says scammers are preying on the generosity of Mid Westerners at this time.

"We all want to help," Hansen said. "We all want the money to go somewhere after these tragic situations. Vegas, Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, whatever it might be, but [scammers] are going to get your trust, and then you're going to get your information, and then it's gone."

The BBB has five tips on how to give after a natural disaster. People need to verify their charity, watch out for Crowdfunding websites, look at how your donation will be used, use caution when donating online, and make sure the organization you're donating to is tax exempt.