Business owners take matters into their own hands after rash of burglaries

DAVENPORT - Sherry Hopkins says is the second time she's had to replace the glass to the back door of her business Ritzi Reruns.

"This time they came into the store and the glass was on the floor and they got into the cash register," said Sherry.

Hopkins joins more than a handful of other Davenport businesses who were burglarized over the weekend.

Surveillance video from a Boost Mobile store shows the thief throwing rocks or bricks to bust the store's window out.

Over at Doo Das, the back door was kicked in.

"We were shocked," said owner Jennifer Goldsberry.

Business owners say they're taking the matter into their own hands instead of relying on the police.

"They said they're dealing with a lot more other things that are a lot more valuable than break-ins," said Amanda Skocz, manager at Boost Mobile.

Whether it's sharing surveillance video or pictures on Facebook, to stepping up stepping security.

"I don`t want to put bars across there like they do in Chicago but if I have to I will," said Hopkins.

Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose says the police department is doing everything they can but it's going to take a community to prevent crime from happening.

"The businesses are going to start organizing their own watch groups and they`re going to be patrolling these neighborhoods where their businesses are," said Ambrose.

Something Goldsberry says she's willing to step up and do, "I think it does take everyone working together while the police do have things to work on. If we can maybe get some information ourselves that`s what we`re here for to do as a community."