MVRBC: why blood was needed for recent hurricanes but not for Vegas

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DAVENPORT- Leaders at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) are in need of blood donations.

We had Breakfast With...Amanda Hess, the Director of Donor Relations for the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Thursday, October 19.

After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August of this year, blood centers in the state needed blood. Hess said workers there were dealing with problems at their own homes, and roads to their centers were closed off because of debris. That's why workers relied on donations from outside the state, from places like the MVRBC.

On the other hand, blood centers in Las Vegas area were actually not in need of blood because people not affected by the attack, were able to go and donate easily.

"They already had blood on the shelf, and they were up and operational during that time frame," Hess said of the Las Vegas blood centers Thursday. "It was the donors that had given in the days and weeks and months in advance. It was their blood that was ready and on hand when that emergency happened."

Hess said the blood centers in Las Vegas were able to replenish their supply very quickly after the attack because so many people wanted to help out.

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