Ridgewood Spartans Create Unique Grand Finale For The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally Season

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CAMBRIDGE, Illinois - The Ridgewood Spartans know how to wake up a community!

On Friday, October 20th, the co-op of students and staff from Cambridge High School and AlWood High School came together early in the morning for Week 9 of The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally on Good Morning Quad Cities:

The Spartans are full of school spirit with a competitive, Spartan-like flair. Students, teachers, coaches, and staff competed in the first ever Ridgewood Warrior Competition by running through an obstacle course around the entire football field. They also created their own noise makers and tried them out for us live on the air:

The Ridgewood Boosters Club helped us pick the winners of our sign contest. There were around 30 entries, with plenty of prizes up for grabs:

We finished the morning like we always do, with the band and students taking us into another Friday full of football:

And just like that - another season of The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally is complete! If you want to see where we went this year and how each school and community brought their own unique spirit to their football field, click here.