Wilton Police hand out safety vests as part of new ‘See the Investment’ campaign

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WILTON, Iowa -- After a woman was hit by a car and fatally injured while riding her bike to work on Friday morning, October 13th, the Wilton Police Department has rolled out an effort to make rural roads safer for runners and bikers.

Police say Sylvia Hansen was riding down Highway 38 with a small light on the front and back of her bike but drivers could still not see her.

As part of the "See the Investment" campaign, officers are passing out brightly colored safety vest with hope that what happened to Hansen won't happen to anyone else.

It only took eight hours for their entire stock of vests to disappear, so they've ordered 100 more.

Sylvia Hansen was taken to the hospital in critical condition where she later died, according to the Wilton Police Chief.  Sylvia Hansen was an organ donor.

The community had raised more than $9,000 to help Sylvia and her family with medical expenses.