Cold Case: Police digging into 1990 disappearance of Moline man

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MOLINE, Illinois -- It's been 27 years since 52-year-old Jerry A. Wolking was last seen and still police are looking to solve the mystery of his disappearance. 

It was October 18, 1990 when Wolking was last seen leaving his girlfriend's home in Rock Island, headed back to his Moline home, according to the Moline Police Department.  Evidence shows that he made it home, but then didn't show up for his job at John Deere the next day.

Image from the Moline Police Department

Days later, Wolking's blue/silver 1988 Chevrolet Suburban was found in long term parking at the Quad City Airport, police said.   The vehicle was found with mud stuck in the tires and underneath the car and had blood stains inside that were later determined to be Wolking's.

"Evidence shows that Mr. Wolking was likely involved in an argument near his residence and then struck by his own vehicle," said a statement from the police. "The suspect then placed Mr. Wolking into the rear of the Chevrolet Suburban and took him to an unknown location, as Mr. Wolking has not been seen since that date."

During a cold case review in 2013, police said new witnesses came forward, saying that Wolking was afraid of his girlfriend's estranged husband, concerned that he would cause him harm.

Foul play had always been suspected in the case, according to previous reports.  Back in June of 2013 detectives and crime scene investigators converged on a wooded area off of John Deere Road as part of a renewed search for the Moline man’s remains.  Even earlier, in April of that year, police excavated a site in rural Milan, taking soil samples. The land was once owned by the parents of a longtime person of interest in the case, who has since died.

Now, in 2017, Moline Police are asking for anyone who has information about Wolking's disappearance to speak up, "to come forward and put this case to rest for Mr. Wolking's family."

If you know anything you would like to share with police, you are asked to call the Moline Police Department at 309-524-2140.  If you want to stay anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500.