Local World War II veteran receives medal from France

BLUE GRASS, Iowa-- It was more than 70 years ago when Donald Cawiezell was sent to northern France to serve our country.

On October 14, 2017 he was honored with the highest ranking level of honor by the French government.

"I was one of the lucky ones...the ones that past, should have some of this honor also," said Cawiezell.

The Legion d'Honneur  was presented to him by French Consul General Guillaume Lacroix at the American Legion Post 711 in Blue Grass, Iowa.

"The President of the French Republic doesn't just give this award to anyone," says Lacroix.

The medal is for those who have made extraordinary contributions for the country of France.

Cazwiezell served in the Ardennes region of northern France after his arrival in the European Theater on August 11, 1944.

"Mr. Cawiezell is a hero and his military services have been recorded, and we want to thank all the hero's that play such an important role in our history," says Lacroix.

During the war  played an important part in the military battles with French allies against the Germans during World War II.

This is the second time a local Blue Grass veteran has received this kind of honor from the French government.