Ever wonder why temperatures are steady when it’s cloudy?

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Get ready for another drab, dull, cloudy day. There could even be times of drizzle and sprinkles.

And because of that, temperatures will be steady from morning to afternoon. But have you ever wondered why temperatures don’t move when it’s cloudy and damp? Here’s the explanation:

That’s because there’s lots of moisture in the air. And not unlike your grandmother saying “A watched pot never boils,” in reference to that pot of water on the burner, it takes a lot of energy to warm and cool water. This is also the reason why water is used to put out fires. The water takes a long time to warm up!

So, while temperatures today will stay cool, it can be a good thing in the winter. When it’s clear and calm, temperatures can dip well below zero. However, it’s nearly impossible in our part of the Upper Midwest to see temperatures below zero with a cloudy sky.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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